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Address the root causes of skin problems and eliminate acne at any age

by , 09 April 2013

Many acne sufferers get some relief from taking antibiotics but what they don't know is that ongoing use of these drugs does more harm than good. Luckily, there are useful simple methods you can use that are more effective and better for your skin than harmful antibiotics. Read on to find out what they are…

“What I wish I’d known as a teen is that most skin problems, including acne, are better solved by focusing on what you’re putting inside your body, not what you’re slathering or shining onto your face,” writes Amanda Ross in Nutrition & Healing.

That’s right.

Since your skin excretes toxins, food sensitivities, allergies or just a poor diet, they’re going to show up there first. So “a little sleuthing with food elimination and reintroduction might help you pinpoint exactly what makes your skin erupt, and what foods help keep it clear,” says Ross

That’s why you must address the root causes of skin problems instead of managing symptoms.

Here’s how to eliminate acne without harmful antibiotics

“One of the worst offenders is refined sugar, as well as other refined carbohydrates, so pay particular attention to how these affect you. And remember that eliminating them altogether will help your overall health including your skin tremendously,” explains Dr Wright.

Beating acne problems doesn’t end stop there. Beyond foods, there are also some nutrients than can be especially helpful.

Use these two nutrients to eliminate acne

“Using zinc in place of antibiotics is much more effective and safe. Adults can take 15-30mg daily for mild acne or up to 30mg two to three times daily for severe cases. For every 15mg of zinc you take, take 1mg of copper as well,” says Dr Wright.

“B Vitamins are also very helpful in treating skin problems, particularly for breakouts that occur in women around their menstrual cycle. Folic acid, 10mg a day and vitamin B6, 50mg two to three times a day work well. In men, selenium seems to give better results 200 micrograms a day,” advises Dr Wright.

Remember, acne can be better managed and even completely eliminated for teenagers and adults. It’s all about attending to your overall health, not just your skin. “A health body will most likely have healthy skin to show for it,” adds Dr Wright.

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Address the root causes of skin problems and eliminate acne at any age
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