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A healing blend of herbs to keep you kidney stone free

by , 20 February 2014

Kidney stones are one of the most excruciatingly painful conditions you'll experience. Stats tell us that about 10% of adults are diagnosed with a kidney stone in their lifetime. And once you've had one kidney stone attack, your chance of recurrence is about 70%!

The best way to get rid of kidney stones is to choose natural remedies. Here are seven healing herbs for total kidney stone support.

Seven effective natural remedies for kidney stones
1.   Goldenrod: Helps flush excess water from your body, and keeps fluid flowing through your kidneys to prevent a build-up in the harmful substance responsible for them.
2.   Hydrangea root: Native Americans have used this herb for generations to help the body get rid of kidney stones. It helps remove impurities from your entire urinary tract system and decreases your chance of infection.
3.   Dandelion leaf: This herb acts like a kidney cleanser, helping your kidneys get rid of toxins. It’s also rich in potassium, which can help replenish the nutrients you lose during excessive urination.
4.   Juniper berry: Offers powerful antiseptic properties and used to treat infections in the urinary tract, including the kidneys. Juniper berry also has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.
5.   Horsetail: Another well-known diuretic, horsetail helps keep kidney stones and urinary tract infections at bay.
6.   Peppermint leaf: Relaxes the muscles in your urinary tract system and provides antibacterial powers to help your kidneys stay bacteria-free.
7.   Uva ursi: Also known as bearberry, Uva ursi contains a powerful compound called arbutin, which treats and prevents urinary tract infections and inflammation. Uva Ursi also assists in reducing pain.
There you have it, seven healing herbs to help you get rid of your kidney stones.
All these herbs are available at a health shop and easy to take. If you or someone you know suffers with kidney stones, you don’t have to endure that pain any longer.  Kidney stones are no laughing matter. Take action today.
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A healing blend of herbs to keep you kidney stone free
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