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10 reasons you shouldn't ditch your morning cuppa!

by , 13 December 2013

You love coffee right? It's so sad that these tasty beans have had such a bad reputation… Until now that it! Here are 10 reasons why you should keep drinking your hot java!

Besides the smell, the taste and the happiness you feel when you drink coffee, it does amazing things to your body. 
Let’s explore the health benefits of drinking coffee, not that you need any more convincing we’re sure!
Drink coffee for life and health!
Your body is able to absorb a large amount of antioxidants from coffee. In fact, the antioxidants you get from eating fruit and vegetables don’t even come close to the amount you get from coffee. 
Your also brain associates the smell of coffee with stress relief. Try coffee scented candles – these smell great and are stress relievers.
Not only are you less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease if you’re a regular coffee drinker, researchers have recently found that coffee can help with movement in people who already have the disease.
But that’s not all – coffee tackles serious diseases like these too
· Coffee protects your liver from alcohol and autoimmune diseases.
· Drinking coffee fights depression and leaves you feeling happier. The rate of suicide in coffee drinkers is lower as coffee acts as a natural mild anti-depressant. 
· Women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop skin cancer, says Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
· You can run or cycle faster; coffee is a natural athletic booster.
· Your risk of developing Type II diabetes is 50% lower if you’re a regular coffee drinker
· Ward off Alzheimer’s disease by drinking more coffee. It seems that coffee keeps your brain healthier for longer. 
· Your body doesn’t function well when you’re sleep deprived. Drinking a cup of strong coffee when you haven’t gotten enough sleep could give you the boost you need to function normally.
Don’t skip on your coffee breaks!
These ten reasons are more than enough to be convincing to anyone who shakes their head at the number of coffee breaks you take. Let them read up on the benefits and we are sure that they’ll be joining you!

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10 reasons you shouldn't ditch your morning cuppa!
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