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Your risk of heart problems is double if you eat these carbs!

by , 07 June 2017
Your risk of heart problems is double if you eat these carbs!
Attention, all women: Do you eat lots of blood sugar-spiking carbohydrates such as white bread and rice? In that case, we have bad news for you - a new study of about 48,000 subjects has found that women who eat lots of these carbs are at double the risk of developing heart problems.

On the other hand, the study didn't associate complex carbs such as pasta and fruits to increased risk of heart problems. This suggests that the problem isn't carbs in general, but rather rapidly absorbed carbs. Previous research has found a similar link between simple carbs and increased risk of heart problems.

Keep reading to learn more about the link between simple carbs and increased risk of heart problems in women.

We’ve long known that refined carbs are linked to high triglyceride concentrations

It’s no mystery that eating carbs – think pasta, bread, rice, bagels and cereal – isn’t healthy for your heart.
When you eat more carbs than your body can use, your liver converts the excess energy into fat. In the short-term, this process helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels but in the long-term, it can increase your triglyceride concentrations and boost your risk of heart problems like heart attack and heart failure.


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Eating grains, starches and sugar also stimulates insulin production

When you consume lots of grains, starches and sugar, you stimulate your body to produce more insulin – the cause of many health problems.
For starters, insulin is responsible for fat rolls in your thighs and around your stomach. Very high insulin levels can even suppress two very important hormones – glucagons and growth hormones, which are responsible for burning sugar and fat and promoting muscle development respectively.
In simple terms, insulin from excess carbs promotes weight and fat gain and prevents your body from being able to lose fat. Excess weight and obesity are both major risk factors for heart problems as well as a wide variety of other chronic diseases.

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Your risk of heart problems is double if you eat these carbs!
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