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Your heart disease triple threat…

by , 12 March 2013

It seems heart disease is an age-old problem. So much so that thickened arteries have just been discovered in mummies. So while a definite cause hasn't been found, scientists suggest living a healthy lifestyle to cut down your risk of heart disease - there are three essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle you can implement today!

Heart disease is becoming more prevalent, but it’s nothing new.
In fact, signs of heart disease have just been found in ancient mummies, says BBC News
And the research has found that a high fat diet is usually the reason behind clogged arteries that result in heart disease.
So if your doctor diagnoses you with heart disease, he’ll probably order you not to eat saturated fats, says FSP Health.
But you shouldn’t let this scare you into avoiding all fat.
You need saturated fat in your diet – it even prevents heart disease!
Because saturated fat’s actually a great source of antiviral agents and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K.
Added to this, research has failed to produce evidence linking saturated fat intake with heart disease, says FSP Health.
So don’t be tempted to cut all saturated fat from your diet to prevent heart disease.
In fact, a Mediterranean diet, full of rich olive oil, is seen as the secret behind preventing heart disease by up to 30%, reports the New York Times.
But smoking is definitely a risk factor for heart disease.
The easiest way to prevent heart disease: Quit smoking
That’s because the nicotine in cigarettes restricts oxygen to the heart, says WebMD.
And smokers continue to increase their risk of heart disease the longer they smoke.
That’s why you’ll be doing your own health – and the health of everyone who breathes in your second hand smoke – the world if good of you take steps to quit smoking today.
There’s one more way you can cut your risk of heart disease – get some exercise.
It could be as simple as going for a brisk walk in the outdoors to get your heart pumping, says FSP Health.
“By eating well, quitting smoking and keeping active, you can help to protect your heart [from heart disease],” summarises the BBC News.
That’s your triple threat against heart disease!

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Your heart disease triple threat…
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