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Your gout could be attacking your heart!

by , 17 July 2013

The debilitating pain from gout usually starts in the big toe. But, it can affect your knees and ankles... And, it can leave you bed-ridden and sidelined for weeks at a time.

But that's not all. According to a recent study out of Canada, gout could be causing much more damage than you think... To your heart!

That’s the conclusion the researchers at the University of British Columbia came to after studying the heart health of nearly 60,000 people. They found that if you’ve been limping along with gout, you may be a heart attack waiting to happen.

Gout quadrupling heart attack risk...

This massive study found that women with gout were a shocking 39% more likely to suffer a heart attack! That’s nearly four times the added heart attack risk men with gout face.

The research proved conclusively that gout is much more than a painful nuisance. It’s a potential lethal heart attack.

How to prevent gout attacks...

Dr Wright has found that drinking 950ml of cherry juice (real cherry juice without sugar) can head off the pain of an attack if you drink it right at the onset of symptoms.

He’s also discovered that you may be able to reduce the frequency of gout flare-ups with 10-15mg of low-dose lithium and 2g of vitamin C taken twice a day.

You see, gout is triggered by a buildup of uric acid in the body. And, vitamin C can reduce serum uric acid levels... While lithium prevents uric acid from crystallising. This could mean less pain for you and a better chance of getting your gout under control.

For some added heart protection you may want to take some fish oil. But fish oil isn’t the only proven natural heart-healer. If you’re not yet a subscriber to Dr Wright’s Nutrition and Healing, click here to find out how you can access his breakthrough natural treatments.

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Your gout could be attacking your heart!
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