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You don't need to be “unhealthy” for heart disease to kill you

by , 05 September 2014

Who would you say is more at risk of heart disease? The guy in the pub who's fall-down-drunk and smoking like chimney, or the guy who's just slightly overweight and snacking on a bowl of pistachio nuts while watching a rugby game.

If you think its hands-down the guy in the pub, you're mistaken. In fact, both men have equal risk of having a heart attack on the spot!

And the reason you picked “pub guy” is because you're taught to think that you have to have at least two risk factors - like the smoking and heavy drinking - to leave you at risk of any kind of heart disease.

This way of thinking could land you in hot water with your health. In fact, it could lead you to an early grave…

Carrying just a little extra weight increases your risk of heart disease

Scottish researchers set out to dispel the myth that you have to be obese and have one or more risk factors of heart disease, like high blood pressure or diabetes to suffer an episode.
And they did just that!
Out of 6,000 men who took part in the 15-year long study, one in five men suffered from some form of heart disease. Astonishingly, one in six of them didn’t survive!
After adjusting the data to ensure there was no bias in the information, they found that weight alone played a significant role in the cause. Men with a BMI of over 30.0 had a whopping 75% higher risk of dying from coronary heart disease.
Shockingly, even men who were overweight, not obese, with a BMI of over 25.0 – which is the higher end of the range of normal – have a 60% risk of having a fatal heart disease event!
What’s more, when researchers adjusted the results to eliminate bias by changing the data to fit all the participants, essentially taking out data for all the other risk factors, one thing was clear: If you’re otherwise healthy but are carrying just a bit of extra weight around, your risk of dying from a heart problem is sky high.
This only means one thing…
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As you can see, you can’t use the “I may be heavy but…” excuse to convince yourself that you’re otherwise healthy.
Speak to your doctor today so he can help you work out and exercise and eating plan to help you lose the extra weight so you don’t live in fear of dying from heart disease.

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You don't need to be “unhealthy” for heart disease to kill you
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