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You can ward off stroke by eating breakfast every day

by , 12 March 2018
You can ward off stroke by eating breakfast every day
You know that eating breakfast every day contributes to a more nutritionally complete diet higher in vitamins and minerals, improves concentration and performance in the boardroom and boosts endurance to engage in physical.

Well, that's not all - a daily morning meal can also ward off stroke, according to new research from Japan's Osaka University. Keep reading for more on the relationship between eating breakfast and risk of stroke.

New research ties eating breakfast every day to a lower risk of stroke

The researchers followed 82,000 healthy men and women aged 45 and up for 15 years. They split the participants into four groups: Those who had breakfast up to twice a week, three to four times a week, five to six times a week and seven times a week.
The results showed that eating breakfast decreased the risk of stroke. The more days a week the participants had breakfast, the lower their risk. Those who ate breakfast the least had a 20% higher risk of stroke, especially cerebral haemorrhage, a condition in which a ruptured blood vessel causes bleeding inside the brain, when compared to those who ate breakfast every day.
The researchers theorise that skipping breakfast could lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure – both major risk factors for stroke. They published their full findings the the journal Stroke.

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Previous research has found that skipping breakfast boosts risk of heart attack and heart disease

This study isn’t the first to tie skipping breakfast to cardiovascular problems. A study from Harvard Medical School found that skipping the morning meal raises a man’s risk of having a heart attack or developing heart disease.
In this study, researchers found that men who skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to develop heart disease, 15% more likely to gain a large amount of weight and 21% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
If you can’t stomach breakfast, go here for tips on how to get the nutrition you need in the morning.

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You can ward off stroke by eating breakfast every day
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