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Yoghurt, dark chocolate and bananas: The tastiest remedy for high blood pressure

by , 28 February 2014

There's a definite link between yoghurt, dark chocolate and bananas: They're the best foods for lowering your high blood pressure… So whether you choose to eat the three foods in a tasty dessert or you eat them alone, just make sure they're part of your diet!

There’s a dramatic effect on your blood pressure when you include these three foods in your diet
A report in the Huffington Post reveals that what you eat and drink has a big impact on your blood pressure. And they’ve provided these three foods to help you along! 
1. Yoghurt: Calcium obtained from food, has twice the effect of lowering your blood pressure than a calcium supplement. And that’s a great reason to eat two cups of the best natural source of calcium available: Plain non-fat yoghurt.
2. Dark chocolate: The bioactive phytochemicals in dark chocolate benefit the health of your arteries and lower your blood pressure. And a tiny amount of just 3g a day can lower your blood pressure by 3mmHg. Natural unsweetened cocoa powder has the highest benefit for your health, so instead of snacking on milk chocolate which has little benefit, make hot chocolate with cocoa powder. And to balance the bitterness, add honey and not sugar to keep your drink uber healthy. 
3. Bananas: Filled with fibre and potassium, these yellow tasty fruit do wonders for the health of your heart. This is important because low potassium levels leave you with high blood pressure and increase your risk of stroke, says Harvard Health, even if you don’t have high blood pressure to begin with! So don’t be shy, have a banana or two every day. 
And there you have it! The best excuse to indulge in a rich dark chocolate, banana and yoghurt sundae… And if anyone questions this, you have a reasonable answer. “Why, it’s going to lower my blood pressure of course!”

PS) In as little as eight weeks you could see your blood pressure drop!
Just by applying a few natural solutions to your everyday life
Did you know that a simple, natural way to lower your blood pressure is to eat more celery, garlic and onions?
That drinking green tea exerts a blood pressure-lowering affect that could have you feeling better 30 minutes later.
And, adding cayenne pepper to your food – a powerful vasodilator – helps expand your blood vessels and improves your blood flow thus naturally lowering your blood pressure.
Learn about these and nine natural blood pressure-lowering solutions and feel healthier and more relaxed than you have in years.

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Yoghurt, dark chocolate and bananas: The tastiest remedy for high blood pressure
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