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Women: You're 30% more at risk of heart disease than men

by , 09 January 2014

Heart disease is scary as is, and now we're telling you that as a woman, you're risk is 30% to 40% higher! That means you desperately need to get your blood pressure under control so you can live a long healthy, heart disease free life. Here are some tips on how to start..

The way you live your life is a sure way of leading you down a path of ill health. And that means there’s never a better time than now to change your lifestyle so you can decrease your risk of developing serious diseases like heart disease
A woman’s heart is slightly different to that of a man’s. And for this reason, you as a woman are at a higher risk for developing heart disease
And a 30-40% greater risk is an incredibly scary thought!
So here’s what to do to decrease your risk of developing heart disease
#1: Exercise more
Studies reveal exercise is just as effective against strokes as medication. Makes sense when you consider that exercise not only keeps your blood pumping, it releases endorphins that help you blow off anger and negative self-talk.
#2: Quit smoking
According to Stroke, the health of your lungs is a good indicator of your risk of having a stroke. Smoking, passive smoking and outdoor air pollution have all been linked to strokes. So quit smoking to lower your risk.
#3: Drink in moderation
As we explain here, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to strokes. This because drinking heavily – especially binge-drinking – causes your blood to thin and may be to blame for haemorrhagic strokes, where bleeding is caused by burst blood vessels in or around the brain. So curb those binge drinking outings and only drink in moderation.
So, as a woman, you need to start the change in your life immediately. Ensure you incorporate a healthy eating plan and regular exercise into every day. Quit smoking and drink only in moderation.
Help your heart to stay healthy and decrease your risk of developing heart disease. 

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Women: You're 30% more at risk of heart disease than men
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