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Woman beware: This one habit could kill you in the next minute

by , 15 October 2014

As a woman, you're literally born with one habit that men (usually) aren't… And it could be the reason you fall down dead in the next minute.

The stats don't lie!

This habit is the reason one in three women die from heart disease. And it leaves 90% of women living with one or more markers for heart disease, says the American Heart Association.

That's worrying considering that heart disease is an even bigger cause of death among women than breast cancer, which causes one in 31 women to die.

But the scariest part is you're probably not even aware just how bad this habit really is.

So what puts your heart in such peril?

Read on to find out…

Raging womanly hormones stimulate this killer habit

Oestrogen is the dominant hormone that makes you the woman you are.
And certainly affects your decision making. Especially when it gets to “that” time of the month.
A week or two before you start menstruating, your oestrogen levels peak. This allows your body to start preparing itself for implantation and child bearing. But it’s also the reason you suffer mood swings, bloating, skin breakouts and… Sugar cravings.
Do you find yourself able to pack away a large slab of chocolate without blinking every day before your period? It’s oestrogen at play here!
And it’s this habit that could potentially kill you because of heart disease within the next minute…
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Sugar triggers sudden death from heart disease

The reason no one told you how bad satisfying your sugar cravings was for you is because no one ever knew.
Not only do most studies on heart disease involve very few women, but the risk factors for heart disease have also changed. No longer is it only fat and salt ruining your heart health, it’s sugar too.
And that’s why, as a woman, your risk of dying from heart disease is greater than your male counterparts!
Think about the saying: “Give a man cake and he eats for a day. Give it to a woman and she eats for an hour.”
It’s a great indication of how women react to sugar.
In fact, you may be getting as much as 20% of your daily intake form calories from sugar. If you’re on a 2,000 calorie diet, that’s a whopping 400 calories of pure sugar.
And it shoots your risk of dying from heart disease to 38% compared to women who eat a mere 8% or 160 calories of sugar a day.
So, there’s only one thing you can do: Stop eating so much sugar.
Here are some tips to help you do just that.
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Curb sugar cravings to lower your heart disease risk with these three tips

Tip #1: Cut back on sugar by making smart food swaps
The first step you need to take is to recognise your sugar addiction. Then, make these food swaps to keep sugar from ruining your health.
Tip #2: Clean out your kitchen
Next, get rid of all the sugar-laden treats in your kitchen and replace them with healthier snacks including fruit and vegetables.
Tip #3: Get enough exercise
Lastly, one of the best ways to improve your heart health is to keep it working as it should with exercise. Even walking for ten-minute intervals three times a day is enough to strengthen your heart.
Bottom line: Don’t let the fact that you’re a woman with a sugar craving be the demise of your heart health! It could mean you fall down dead in the next minute if you don’t change your habits. 

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Woman beware: This one habit could kill you in the next minute
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