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Why you should demand your doctor test both arms when checking your blood pressure...

by , 09 April 2013

When your doctor tests your blood pressure, he probably doesn't check both arms. But he should. Many doctors don't know about this blood pressure secret… A significant difference between systolic pressure in your arms is a red flag. A BIG one!

This double check is even more important for people with high blood pressure.
UK researchers studied 230 patients with high blood pressure. Each patient received three blood pressure tests over 10 years.
The results showed that a wide gap in the systolic measures in the two arms indicates an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, in the study, an inter-arm difference of more than 20mm/Hg suggested the potential for vascular disease.
If you have high blood pressure, make sure your doctor checks both your arms when testing your blood pressure.
And ask him to give you a “two-armed” test next time.   
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Why you should demand your doctor test both arms when checking your blood pressure...
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