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Why you need to take d-ribose if you have a heart problem…

by , 18 May 2014

Your body makes d-ribose, or vitamin B2, from the food you eat and turns it into energy your body needs in order to function properly. But if you suffer from a heart disorder, your body cannot make enough d-ribose to sustain normal body activity. Here's what else you should know…


Are you getting the one simple mineral that helps restore normal blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and opens clogged arteries?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this readily available mineral really does exist. Its positive effects on the heart appear to be connected with the fact that it boosts nitric oxide in the cells that line the blood vessels.
Most people have never even heard of it! But you can, now. Go here and discover all the details on this mineral - and more – on how to fight heart disease and win.

Use d-ribose to help prevent fatigue from your heart disorder

When your heart is undergoing strain, as is the case with any heart disorder, your body can’t keep up with the normal production of d-ribose. Other causes of d-ribose deficiency include high blood pressure and if you’re on statin drugs.

D-ribose is a natural sugar your body produces to fuel your cells. And, studies show heart disorders can reduce your d-ribose levels by as much as 50%. And this leads to extreme fatigue.  

Help relieve these symptoms and strengthen your heart muscles by taking a d-ribose supplement. It can take up to 10 days for it to restore your cellular energy. If you have a heart disorder, supplementation is the best source of d-ribose because your body just doesn’t have the energy to convert enough of food into d-ribose. But, when your body has recovered and you feel less tired, you can increase these foods in your diet to help your body make more of its own d-ribose…

Doctors Call it the Lazarus Effect Because it Brings People “Back from the Dead”

On July 5, 1990 the New England Journal of Medicine shocked the world when it revealed a real-life fountain of youth that reversed up to 20 years of ageing… In just six months.

For years this secret was intentionally and systematically hidden from public view.  But, in the next few minutes, you’ll know exactly how to access this “age rewind” for yourself.

Today you’ll find out how to safely raise your own levels of this anti-ageing formula without seeing a doctor. Without paying thousands of rands. Without injections. Or getting trapped by the legal red tape.

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Help your body make its own d-ribose and improve your heart condition

Add more of these foods in your diet to help your body make its own d-ribose:

Red meat: Contains the highest levels of d-ribose – especially veal.
Chicken: Also contains high levels of d-ribose, especially the breast.
Dairy: Milk, cheese and yoghurt can increase your dietary d-ribose levels.

Use this natural remedy to restore your cellular energy and help your heart recover.

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Why you need to take d-ribose if you have a heart problem…
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