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Why tomato sauce and 5 other favourite foods are causing heart disease, obesity and cancer…

by , 06 February 2014

You might not realise this, but tomato sauce, soups, salad dressings, bread, frozen pizza, yoghurts all have one ingredient in common. And it's putting you at risk for heart disease, obesity and even cancer.

What is it?

You've heard of MSG before, right? Now meet High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), one of the world's most dangerous food additives.

Why HFCS could kill you...

Studies show that HFCS contributes to fat deposits in your liver, increases cholesterol and leads to plaque buildup and the narrowing of blood vessels.  And all this can cause obesity, heart disease and cancer.
What makes things worse is this stuff is everywhere! In fact, you probably eat foods high in fructose corn syrup without realising it every day. 
But, researchers have found a way to protect against the ravages of HFCS! 

New research shows these two nutrients can lessen the bad effects of HFCS…

Scientists recently found they could prevent the harmful effects of HFCS with resveratrol. 
They gave their test rats a resveratrol supplement. The results were so exciting; the scientists proclaimed that adding resveratrol to foods HFCS is a good idea. Although, this is very unlikely – food producers use HFCS as a cost cutter – at least there’s hope for when you can’t always escape this nasty additive. Take resveratrol. 
Sources of resveratrol include: Red wine, blueberries, red grapes, peanut butter and dark chocolate. 

The second antidote for good health…

Meanwhile, researchers at a Chinese university found another possible antidote: Betaine. This is a supplement made from sugar beets,. 
When scientists added it to the rats’ diet, it protected their kidneys. That’s good news because eating large amounts of fructose causes kidney damage. 
While researchers used a supplement in the study,  you can top up on betaine by including shellfish, spinach and wheat into your diet.
There you have it, two natural – and delicious – ways to protect against the damages of HFCS. Don’t expect the government to protect you and your loved ones from disease-causing foods and farming practices, take charge of your health today. Find out which other foods can help protect against disease here now…  
Sources: “Study: HFCS and vascular dysfunction” preparedfoods.com

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Why tomato sauce and 5 other favourite foods are causing heart disease, obesity and cancer…
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