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Why eggs don't cause cholesterol unless you do this...

by , 07 March 2019
Why eggs don't cause cholesterol unless you do this...
You've probably heard numerous reports claiming that eggs are too high in cholesterol. But, the truth is, eggs cooked in most ways (except one) isn't likely to increase cholesterol or cause any damage to your heart.

Find out below how this 'egg myth' started out and which way NOT to cook eggs so you can keep enjoying this nutritious food...

How the 'egg myth' started out...

Almost 100 years ago, Russian researcher Nikolai Anitschkov fed  cholesterol to rabbits. When the rabbits developed atherosclerotic vascular disease, it was said to “prove” that cholesterol “causes” atherosclerosis.

Objections were raised, including the obvious: As born vegetarians,
rabbits in Nature have never eaten cholesterol.

Despite this, the myth that cholesterol causes atherosclerosis has persisted, fueled largely by manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering patent medications.

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But in a much-less-publicised experiment approximately half a century later, another researcher tried to duplicate Anitschkov’s research.

He too fed rabbits cholesterol, but, unlike Anitschkov, he was very careful
not to allow the cholesterol to lie around the rabbit cages exposed to
air, which causes it to oxidise quite rapidly.

Surprisingly, the rabbits did not develop coronary atherosclerosis.

Their arteries remained clear.

What this follow-up study proved is that oxidised cholesterol – not cholesterol itself – can cause atherosclerosis in rabbits.

However, as there’s no money to be made publicising this detail, many people have never heard or read of it.

Keep reading to find out what this experiement means when it comes to eating eggs...

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How to reduce the risk of cholesterol when eating eggs

There's only one way of cooking eggs that increases your risk of developing heart disease...

Scrambled eggs!

When you cook scrambled eggs, you break the yolks. Since the yolks contain most of the egg’s cholesterol, breaking and scrambling them allows that cholesterol to be exposed to much more air and heat than other cooking techniques that leave the yolk intact.

That air and heat can cause the cholesterol in the scrambled egg yolks to oxidise before you even have a chance to eat them, potentially contributing to atherosclerosis. 

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Why eggs don't cause cholesterol unless you do this...
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