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Whether you exercise or not, if you sit too long, expect to develop some sort of heart problem

by , 08 December 2014

Experts are finding that sitting for long periods is worse for you than other risk factors like smoking.

In addition, even worse than that is that, even if you're otherwise healthy, if you don't get up enough during the day, you're on the broken path to health issues.

In addition, we mean issues!

From diabetes to cancer and arthritis, sitting behind a desk without moving much is slowly killing you.

Today, we're going to talk about another disease that shares a close link to sitting down too long: Heart disease.

Get up or you’ll have a heart problem on your hands

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena California spent eight years going through the data of 84,000 men.
None of the men had any signs of a heart problem at the beginning of the study.
During the study, the researchers were interested in what level of physical activity the men had each day, how long they sat for on average and their medical records.
After the eight years, these were the results:
·         Without taking into account the length of time the men sat every day, those who didn’t exercise much had a 52% higher risk of developing a heart problem than those who did exercise consistently;
·         The men who sat for more than five hours a day had a 34% higher heart problem risk; and
·         Men who didn’t exercise and sat for more than five hours every day outside of work hours had a 50% higher heart problem risk.
These conclusions show just how important it is to exercise at least 150 minutes every week.
And you should also reduce the number of hours you sit for!
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Preventing heart disease is as easy as getting out of your chair

If you do both the minimum amount of exercise every week and you limit your sitting time, you can protect your heart and overall health.
Researchers from the California study say it’s most important to limit the amount of sitting you do once you get home from work.
Because you likely spent most of the day sitting behind a desk, going home to do the same thing can have a devastating effect on your heart health.
Changing your habits, however, is easy when you know how!

Use these two tips to protect your heart health

#1. Get some exercise while the sun is still shining
Don’t flop down on the couch as soon as you get home from work!
Make a deal that you can only catch up on the latest series once the sun has gone down.
Take advantage of the summer sun by going for a long walk with the dogs, do some gardening or yard work, or go for a long dip in the pool!
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#2. Stand up regularly while you’re at work
You don’t have to chain yourself to your desk at the office!
There are lots of opportunities to get up and stay active during your work day. Walk over to your colleagues! Don’t phone or email them because it’s convenient.
There you have it! There’s no reason to leave your heart health open to problems just because you sit too much. It’s one of the easiest risk factors to change, so make sure you do!

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Whether you exercise or not, if you sit too long, expect to develop some sort of heart problem
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