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When my publisher handed me this book, I thought she was joking…

by , 27 October 2015

Recent Book Review

A few years ago, I was a heart attack waiting to happen because of high blood pressure which was constantly 170/112.

During my time of trial and error to figure out how to lower my high blood pressure naturally, my publisher handed me a book: How to Fight Heart Disease & Win.

I thought she was joking because I had high blood pressure NOT heart disease.

But after reading this book, I realised how important it is to know how to prevent and treat heart disease.

The surprising fact about heart disease is you could have it and not even know it.

But what’s more, diabetes, stress, obesity, smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are just some of the factors that cause heart disease.

So before I go, I want to mention a few eye-openers you'll be sure to want to look for as soon as you get your own copy of this book.

Kiss heart disease Goodbye with the SECRETS mainstream medicine will never reveal

Heart disease – the deadliest killer in the world today – could be erased from your life completely. It could be reversed in those who currently suffer and prevented in everyone else. Unfortunately, until now you have not been armed with the information you need to make this happen.

The book How to Fight Heart Disease & Win is packed with amazing late-breaking information about heart disease that could save your life or the life of a loved one.

It contains specific details on natural treatments and preventions that are so well-researched and so sure-fire you'll be wondering why they don't make headline news every day like:

-An enzyme so powerful it sends patients with congestive heart failure into remission

-One simple mineral that helps restore normal blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and opens clogged arteries

-One main nutrient that promotes recovery after a heart attack

-All-natural tree bark that manages cholesterol and strengthens heart-pumping activity

You'll also get complete details on:

-The all-natural “darling of the heart world”, that’s reported to dilate blood vessels, increase the heart's ability to pump, and improve the supply of energy to the heart.

-Stimulating your body's natural, life-saving process called “angiogenesis.” It's when your heart creates tiny new blood vessels that will bypass clogged or diseased ones and prevent deadly heart attacks.

-The one fresh food that's been used for centuries to heal the sick. Just crush it into little pieces, let it sit about 10 minutes and then reap the rewards: May improve circulation, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improve flexibility of the aorta and reduce risk of blood clots.

-Eating fats that can save your life. Believe me, this information goes way beyond olive oil! You'll find out about the fat that helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides; another that rids the body of newly formed cholesterol; an oil that actually lowers your risk of heart disease by 25%; and the one that may actually reduce your risk of dying from heart disease - if you do have it.

I wish I could share all the amazing information I learned when I read How to Fight Heart Disease & Win, but I just don't have the space.

Just remember, no matter who you are, what your age or at what stage you are in your heart health, an even healthier heart is within your reach. You may not have to dread this #1 killer anymore now that you too could fight heart disease - and win!

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When my publisher handed me this book, I thought she was joking…
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