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Weakness in your one side, a throbbing headache, loss of vision and other warning signs that you may be having a stroke

by , 28 July 2016
Weakness in your one side, a throbbing headache, loss of vision and other warning signs that you may be having a stroke
So I'm guessing that when it comes to your health, your biggest concern isn't having a stroke. That's only a problem that people who lead very unhealthy lifestyles or who are very old need to worry about, right? Well, not entirely…

Believe it or not, but it's possible to have a stroke at any age. The most common type is ischemic strokes, which make up about 80% to 90% of al cases. These strokes occur when a clot stops enough oxygen and blood from getting to your brain.

In the stroke field, they say that “time is brain”. What's meant by this is that the longer you wait, the more time there is for permanent damage to occur.

Apart from living a healthy lifestyle, your best bet when it comes to preventing stroke is catching the symptoms early and getting to an ER stat. Read on for the five biggest warning signs.

Five signs that you may have had a stroke

#1: Your body feels weak on one side
You’ll suddenly lose all strength on the one side of your body. In some cases you may not be able to feel a limb and the one side of your face may droop. This is a very common sign of stroke. 
#2: You can’t talk properly
You may have difficulty speaking or start slurring your words. In some cases you may struggle to understand what other people are saying. This symptom ranges from mild to severe. Most of us have those “blank” moments where we can’t think of a word, but chances are you know your own body well enough to recognise when something’s out of the ordinary or just plain wrong.

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#3: You get a throbbing headache
This symptom is likely to occur in haemorrhagic strokes, which happen when you have bleeding in the brain. This kind of stroke is relatively uncommon in comparison to ischemic strokes, accounting for only 10% to 15% of all strokes. However, they have a significantly higher mortality rate.
#4: You lose vision
Much like symptom #1, which involves weakness, vision problems are also usually one-sided. But, instead, of losing vision in one full eye, you’re more likely to lose sight in the same field of vision in both eyes – for example, neither eye will be able to see to the right. This is because the optic nerves in your eyeballs are fine, but where that information goes to get processed in your brain is what can be damaged.
#5: You experience sudden onset of one or all of the above symptoms
The biggest warning sign of a stroke is sudden onset. And, while all of the above symptoms can come on very quickly, you must understand that they don’t all need to be present to warrant a trip to the emergency room. 
The bottom line: If you experience sudden onset of a neurologic symptom that effects one side of your body, go to the ER immediately – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Weakness in your one side, a throbbing headache, loss of vision and other warning signs that you may be having a stroke
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