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Warning: Your next blood sugar test could predict whether you'll suffer from heart disease or not!

by , 22 October 2014

Doctors have known for years that type II diabetes is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

But now a group of researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US have discovered that a specific blood sugar test is a much better predictor for cardiovascular disease than most test…

And it could save thousands of lives every year if it's done during routine health checks.

Here's why…

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Why measuring your blood sugar could help you prevent heart disease

The researchers set out to determine if there was a better way to predict which diabetics were at highest risk for cardiovascular disease. Merely having type II diabetes is a risk factor, but it only accounts for an increased cardiovascular disease risk of up to 30% over a ten year period.
They analysed the data from the Women’s Health Study and the Physician’s Healthy Study II.

Out of 24,674 women, 2.8% had type II diabetes and out of 11,280 men, 5% had diabetes. The researchers tracked the women’s health for 10.2 years and the men’s for 11.8 years.

During that period, of the 685 women and 563 men who had type II diabetes at baseline, 125 women (18%) and 170 men (30%) suffered cardiovascular events.

They also discovered that the HbA1c blood test that measures blood glucose for the previous 8-13 weeks turned out to be a more accurate predictor of future heart problems.

Since the HbA1c blood test measures how well a patient is controlling their type II diabetes, we can draw the conclusion that having type II diabetes alone doesn’t put you at high risk for cardiovascular disease. But if you don’t manage your type II diabetes well, your risk of suffering a heart condition increases significantly.

Keep potentially fatal heart disorders at bay by managing your diabetes well

By managing your type II diabetes properly, you could help prevent heart disease and measuring your HbA1c blood levels regularly will help you keep your blood sugar in check.

If you need help managing your type II diabetes, sign up to www.fsphealthandfitness.co.za Defeat Diabetes Programme , it’s free and could save your life!    

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Warning: Your next blood sugar test could predict whether you'll suffer from heart disease or not!
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