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Warning: The salmon you're eating could harm your heart not help it!

by , 16 May 2014

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids. Your body can't make them on its own but needs them for every important process it performs. And they're especially important to ward off heart problems That's why it's essential to eat good quality omega 3-containing foods daily.

But be careful of clever marketing tools when it comes to health claims about food! It could mean what you're eating is harming your health instead of helping it. In fact, eating the wrong type of salmon could be less beneficial to your heart but cause cancer instead!

Keep reading to find out why choosing the best quality salmon is as important to your health as the omega 3s it contains…

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Prevent heart problems by eating only good quality salmon 

Only salmon caught in the wild is good for you. This because it’s their natural environment that helps them produce their rich quality omega 3s. Drastic changes in this environment mean they don’t eat what they should and their flesh becomes a pale pink. But that’s not all that happens when you start farming salmon in agricultural settings.
Farmed salmon feed on chicken litter and they aren’t able to swim about freely, says health.com. Tanks are full of fish and they easily spread disease to one another. For this reason, it’s important they receive high quantities of antibiotics in their feed. They also eat feed that makes their flesh appear pink!
This means you’re eating all these toxins and it’s bad for your health.

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Keep heart problems at bay by eating only wild salmon 

Always check the food label on your salmon carefully. It needs to state that it’s wild sockeye salmon.
Don’t be fooled by products that are of a lower quality than you expected. Only eat wild salmon to prevent heart problems and keep your overall health in check.
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Warning: The salmon you're eating could harm your heart not help it!
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