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Warning: Statins don't only lower your levels of good cholesterol

by , 23 June 2014

It's important to know that taking medications to lower your cholesterol isn't your only option to improve your health.

Yes, some people don't have any other options, but these people make up such a small percentage of the entire population who have high cholesterol levels.

Instead you should always look to improve your health naturally if you can. That means you're not putting the rest of your health in jeopardy while you're trying to fix one ailment.

That's what happens when you're taking statins to lower your cholesterol, says new research coming out of Oregon State University.

Here's what they had to say…

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Don’t rely on dangerous medications to lower your cholesterol

The study involved determining how much exercise men around the same age would get over the seven year period of the study.
Almost a third of the men were taking statins at the start of the study, while a third started taking statins during the course of the study and the remaining men stayed off the meds altogether.
The results were astounding.
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Taking statins to lower your cholesterol might make you exercise even less

The men who were taking statins from the beginning of the study didn’t exercise as much as the men who weren’t on meds. But the biggest shock was the results from the men who started taking statins during the study.
They were 3.5 times less likely to exercise, says a report in MedicaDaily.com.
But as you know, exercising is a major part of your health, especially for your heart. So not exercising and having heart problems like high cholesterol can spell disaster.
What researchers encourage is for everyone on statins to get the minimum amount of 30 minutes of exercise a day and that you must push through the pain and fatigue that the drugs may cause.
It’s an essential part of your treatment and if you don’t comply, it may mean your health could deteriorate even faster.

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Warning: Statins don't only lower your levels of good cholesterol
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