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Warning: Some herbs are dangerous when your combine them with your heart problem medication

by , 02 June 2014

If you're trying to improve your health by taking natural remedies for your ailments, be careful. Especially if you're taking medication for heart problems too, warns the Mayo Clinic.

There are 25 frequently used herbal remedies to treat heart problems that, when combined with chemical medications can spell disaster for your health.

This is the reason you ALWAYS need to speak to your doctor about supplements and remedies you take along side your traditional medication.

Here are some natural remedies to watch out for if you're taking medication for your heart problems.

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Natural produce in high doses can cause your heart problem medication to malfunction

1.      Garlic: Garlic is a natural remedy that people often use to naturally lower blood cholesterol. But if you use it in conjunction with the blood thinning drug warfarin, it could cause problems. This because it prevents blood clotting. So if you injure yourself or suffer an internal bleed, it might not stop.
2.      Gingko: People typically use it to boost memory function and ward off Alzheimer’s, but Gingko can increase the risk of internal bleeding when taken along with warfarin or aspirin for heart problems.
3.      Echinacea: Watch out this winter when you’re dosing up on this colds and flu remedy. If you’re taking statins, niacin or fibrates for heart problems, it can increase your risk of liver damage.
4.      St John’s wort: If you’re on Beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers or statins, watch out for this natural depression and anxiety remedy. It lowers the rate of absorption of these meds so they won’t work as well as they should!
It’s incredibly important to chat to your doctor about any herbal supplements or remedies you use before and after he prescribes you with traditional types of medications! You don’t want your efforts to improve your health to worsen it!

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Warning: Some herbs are dangerous when your combine them with your heart problem medication
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