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Warning: Skipping breakfast can lead to cardiovascular disease!

by , 04 October 2017
Warning: Skipping breakfast can lead to cardiovascular disease!
You know that skipping breakfast can leave you feeling flat and low on energy throughout the morning. Who would've guessed that it can lead to cardiovascular disease as well?

That's right - new research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has uncovered an association between skipping breakfast and an increased risk of atherosclerosis - hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to a build-up of plaque.

If you're guilty of skipping the most important meal of the day on most mornings, you'll want to keep reading to find out more…

Past research has linked eating breakfast to greater heart health

There’s a body of research that proves that eating breakfast promotes greater heart health, including healthier weight and cholesterol levels. However, this new research is the first to reveal and association between breakfast and the presence of subclinical atherosclerosis.
“People who regularly skip breakfast likely have an overall unhealthy lifestyle,” said study author Valentin Fuster, director of Mount Sinai Heart in the United tates and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. “This study provides evidence that this is one bad habit people can proactively change to reduce their risk for heart disease,” he added.


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New research ties skipping breakfast to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

To reach these findings, researchers in Madrid examined a total of , male and female participants who were free from kidney or cardiovascular disease. They used computerised questionnaires to gather information on the participants’ usual diets and based their breakfast patterns on the percentage of total daily energy intake consumed at breakfast. 
The researchers then split the participants into three groups: Those who consumed less than 50% of their total energy intake in the morning, those who consumed more than 20% and those who consumed between 5% and 20%. They found that of the participants, 2.9% skipped breakfast, 27.7% consumed breakfast and 69.4% consumed a low-energy breakfast.
The researchers identified a higher frequency of atherosclerosis among those who skipped breakfast and consumed low-energy breakfast compared with those who consumed a proper breakfast. They also noted that cardio-metabolic risk markers were more prevalent in those who skipped breakfast and low-energy breakfast consumers.
Furthermore, participants who skipped breakfast had the highest body mass index, waist circumference, blood lipids, blood pressure and fasting glucose levels. Not surprising, the participants in this group were more likely to have an overall unhealthy lifestyle.
“Aside from the direct association with cardiovascular risk factors, skipping breakfast might serve as a marker for a general unhealthy diet or lifestyle which in turn is associated with the development and progression of atherosclerosis,” said Jose L. Peñalvo, PhD, assistant professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and the senior author of the study. “Our findings are important for health professionals and might be used as a simple message for lifestyle-based interventions and public health strategies, as well as informing dietary recommendations and guidelines.”
Think twice before you next skip a morning meal – it could just help prevent cardiovascular disease!

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Warning: Skipping breakfast can lead to cardiovascular disease!
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