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Warning: It's not only stress's long-term effects on your heart you need to worry about

by , 05 September 2014

You know that managing your stress levels is an essential part of your overall health.

One of the major reasons is it'll end up affecting your heart. So every time you feel stressed, you think about how you're going to take control of it next time.

But you're mistaken if you think there's always going to be a next time…

Stress could kill you immediately!

That's right! Just opening an unexpected bill, getting some emotional news or worrying too much about meeting your next deadline could kill you in an instant. Here's why…

Don’t fool yourself into thinking stress is a long-term problem

When experts talk about stress and the effect it has on the heart, they say it could cause heart disease.
The thing is, heart disease refers to a whole list of illnesses and conditions that affect the heart. It’s a collective name for anything that alters the structure, function or efficiency of the heart.
So yes, stress does cause heart disease, but it’s a misconception that it’ll only harm your health in the future.
Stress can also cause you to have a massive heart attack on the spot!
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Stress causes your body to go into defence mode

As soon as you start stressing, your body starts preparing for attack.
You release the stress hormone cortisol, which – because you aren’t really under attack and you don’t use it like you would if you were – starts circulation in your body trying to find something to do.
This increases inflammation and your immune system flares up, releasing millions of white blood cells as a response.
A study of 29 medical staff in Boston proved that stress has a direct link to the immune system.
While on shift, researchers took blood samples of the employees and found they all had extensively elevated white blood cell levels.
As if the stress hormone cortisol isn’t bad enough for you, there’s an influx of white blood cells into your arteries as well.
It’s this that scientists believe harden your arteries. Which, if you already have plaques from cholesterol deposits – even if you don’t know about it – spells disaster for your heart health.
What’s more, it’s this increase in inflammation and hardening of the arteries that disrupts the plaques.
They rupture and tear small pieces off the inside of your arteries.
Your body immediately responds by forming clots to protect the artery lining. The clot can close off the entire artery depending on how much plaque there is already, or how much damage the plaque disruption caused.
There’s only one response: You have a heart attack.
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The worse off your heart health is, the more likely it is you’ll have a fatal heart attack

If the major arteries that supply your heart with blood become blocked, it’s more likely you’ll die from a heart attack.
And because you don’t know the state of your arteries, it can seem like it was a sudden heart attack that developed without warning!
This is what happens to 130 people in South Africa every day of the year!
So don’t sit back and wait for your turn, change your fate.
Obliterate stress from your life to save your heart
Take charge of your stress levels and find a way to cope with them before they have a chance to take your life.
Simple breathing techniques or forming good habits in stressful situations can be the answer to keeping your stress levels at bay and saving your heart health. 

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Warning: It's not only stress's long-term effects on your heart you need to worry about
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