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Warning: Eating a Southern-style diet can drastically increase your risk of heart-related death!

by , 01 August 2016
Warning: Eating a Southern-style diet can drastically increase your risk of heart-related death!
Do you regularly eat a typical Southern-style diet? I'm talking deep-fried chicken, buttered rolls and liver. If you do, I've got some bad news for you…

According to a 2015 study published in Circulation, a journal by the American Heart Association, indulging in a Southern diet, which is typically made up of fried, fatty foods, egg dishes, processed meats, organ meats and sweet drinks, can wreak serious havoc on your heart health.

In fact, it may up your risk of heart attack and heart-related death by a whopping 56%. Keep reading to learn more about the link between a Southern-style diet and heart disease risk.

Large-scale study uncovers a frightening correlation between eating a Southern-style diet and heart disease risk

For this study, researchers explored the dietary habits and heart disease risk of more than 17,000 subjects. The subjects were both white and African-American and were from all over America. This study was one of the first to look at a socioeconomically and regionally diverse group of subjects.
What the research team found is that those who often tucked into Southern fare were at a higher risk of having a heart attack or dying from a heart problem over the next 5.8 years. Extensive research done in the past has also proved a link between a Southern-style way of eating and increased stroke risk.
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After the researchers adjusted for a number of lifestyle and demographic factors, they concluded the following:
People who ate Southern-style foods regularly were 56% more likely to suffer a heart attack and heart-related death;
The highest consumers of Southern fare were African-American males who lived in southern states; and
No other dietary pattern was associated with increased risk of heart disease.

If you eat a Southern-style diet, start making gradual changes right away to protect your heart

Dr James M Shikany, DrPH lead researcher and nutritional epidemiologist at the University of Alabama Birmingham’s Divison of Preventive Medicine offers the following advice to anyone who regularly consumes foods typical of the Southern diet…
“Try cutting down the number of times you eat fried foods or processed meats from every day to three days a week as a start. And try substituting fried foods with baked or grilled chicken or vegetable-based foods.”
To protect the heath of your body’s most vital organ, your ticker, be sure to follow this dietary advice. Here’s to a happy, healthy heart!

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Warning: Eating a Southern-style diet can drastically increase your risk of heart-related death!
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