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Want to naturally lower your cholesterol? Use this easy tip to do just that

by , 11 June 2014

If you have high cholesterol, you know that letting it get out of control could be devastating for your health. But it's not just your overall health you should worry about, it's your heart health.

Letting your cholesterol levels remain consistently high could mean your body dumps the leftovers in your blood vessels and these then become narrowed and sometimes completely blocked.

But you don't have to let it get that out of hand, there are delicious foods you can easily add to your diet that do the work of cleaning your arteries of cholesterol for you.

Read on to discover the delicious foods you should eat on a regular basis if you're looking to lower your cholesterol.

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Make this simple change to your diet to lower your cholesterol the natural way 

The first thing you need to do is eat more fibre-rich foods.
The more fibre in your diet, the less your body is able to absorb fats from foods. Because of the fibre, fats stick to it and becomes a fibre, fatty glob, something that your body easily excretes instead of absorbing it.
But you don’t have to eat all bran flakes with every meal to ensure you’re upping your fibre intake.
There are plenty foods that pack a fibre-punch, foods that you can eat at any time of the day!
Have a look…
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Eat more fibre to naturally lower your cholesterol 

Ditch the potatoes at dinner and eat more fibre instead. Foods like quinoa, brown rice and lentils make an amazing change to boring potatoes.
And what’s great about these is that you can use leftovers for lunch the next day. Mix up a salad with leftover rice, quinoa or lentils and simple add some cold chicken and salad ingredients! For breakfast, eat oats or all bran flakes to get your fibre fill in the morning.
There you have it! Add fibre to your daily diet and watch your cholesterol levels drop. 

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Want to naturally lower your cholesterol? Use this easy tip to do just that
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