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Want to keep your heart healthy? Take care of your stress!

by , 01 July 2014

No longer is stress only there to help your body cope in life or death situations, it's more a way of life nowadays!

Whether your stress comes from having to drive in bumper to bumper traffic every morning, always rushing to get the kids to school on time or the constant chasing of deadlines you do for your job, stress always seems to be there no matter how hard you try to manage it.

But managing your stress doesn't need to be a physical act of meditating or breathing techniques. It can be a simple case of adding the right stress busting foods to your diet, which not only keep you stress free, they can keep heart problems at bay too…

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Beat stress, beat heart problems!

#1. Healthy carbs: Whole grain complex carbs are good for your system when you’re under stress. While all carbohydrates make your brain release the happy hormone, complex carbs over simple carbs – like sweets – are better for you as they take longer to digest. Therefore, the longer your brain produces the hormone.
#2. Fruit: Fruit rich in vitamin C, like oranges, actually help to bust the stress hormone cortisol. They also help to strengthen your immune system and lower your blood pressure.
#3. Leafy greens: A higher dietary intake of magnesium can help your body combat the effects of stress. Especially the symptoms that come along with and also impact stress like fatigue, headaches and just feeling unwell. One of the best veggies for magnesium is spinach, but any leafy green will do.
#4. Fatty fish: You know that eating fatty fish can help you ward off heart problems, but it’s great for your body that’s under stress too. The omega 3s can help supress the stress hormones. So be sure to eat fatty fish when you’re under a lot of stress.
Don’t let stress be the reason you develop heart problems. Eat these stress busting foods to beat the effects!

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Want to keep your heart healthy? Take care of your stress!
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