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Vitamin E can protect your health from the effect of heavy metal toxins

by , 23 January 2014

The risk of heavy metal toxicity affecting your health is relatively high. Because of changes in the environment and pollutants leaching into the soil and water your fresh produce grows or develops in, you're likely to suffer from ailments it causes. But is the answer to protecting yourself something as simple as taking vitamin E? Let's have a look…

The heavy metals in the food you eat and the products you come into contact with may leave you suffering from chronic illnesses. Things like heart disease and memory loss are only a couple of the serious health problems that come with heavy metals in your diet. 
And because heavy metal pollutants leach into the water and soil systems that food grows in, you could overdose on heavy metals without even knowing it. 
Your body needs a bit of help getting rid of these toxins like mercury because it can’t do it on its own. 
That’s where vitamin E comes in.
Heavy metal toxicity: How mercury enters your body with the foods you eat
You chase of dosing up on mercury is high if you like eating predatory fish like mackerel and tuna. 
The levels of mercury in these fish are 10,000 times higher than that of the environment they’re in! 
But how does this happen? 
Well, mercury doesn’t break down in their systems. And while they’re spending time eating other little fish that have mercury in their systems, they’re gathering up stores like there’s no tomorrow. That’s until they’re the catch of the day and they land on your plate.
Protect your body from heavy metal toxicity and take vitamin E
Taking selenium and vitamin E together can protect you from mercury toxicity. The health issues range from infertility to heart disease! So protecting yourself should be your number one priority.
Either take a supplement or eat foods like wheat germ and its oil, as well as most types of nuts that contain both selenium and vitamin E. 
So if you’re into eating predatory fish, add a handful of nuts to your daily snack list. This way, you can rest assured you’re protecting yourself from the harmful toxicity of mercury!

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Vitamin E can protect your health from the effect of heavy metal toxins
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