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Use these three steps to lower your cholesterol naturally

by , 19 May 2014

Cholesterol can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

At normal levels, cholesterol serves a purpose in the body. It helps your digestion, helps your body make vitamin D (which helps prevents several conditions) and it helps with hormone production and maintenance of cell structures.

But when your cholesterol levels are high, it increases your risk for chronic heart disease.
And you can't afford to let that happen.

Luckily, you can lower your cholesterol naturally. Here's how…


Are you getting the one simple mineral that helps restore normal blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and opens clogged arteries?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but this readily available mineral really does exist. Its positive effects on the heart appear to be connected with the fact that it boosts nitric oxide in the cells that line the blood vessels.
Most people have never even heard of it! But you can, now. Go here and discover all the details on this mineral - and more – on how to fight heart disease and win.

Prevent heart problems by lowering your cholesterol with these five steps

Here are steps you can take to lower your cholesterol levels:
  1. Manage secondary causes: Check with your doctor that there isn’t an underlying reason for your high cholesterol. Sometimes, having diabetes, liver and kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome and an underactive thyroid can raise your cholesterol levels.
  2. Follow a heart healthy diet: Avoid saturated fats, eat more fibre and eat more plant sterols – these are found in most vegetables, fruit, legumes and nuts.
  3. Exercise: Getting active helps improve your lipid levels and prevent weight gain. Exercise for 30 minutes per day.
These steps could help you lower your cholesterol levels naturally.

This enzyme is so powerful it sends patients with congestive heart failure into remission...

This enzyme is one of the top 10 remedies sold in Japan. It's also widely used in part of Europe. And no wonder! It has been used as a treatment for the early stages of congestive heart failure when used in high enough dosages. It actually improves the function of the healthy part of the heart and it also slows the damaging effects of high LDL cholesterol. And although some health-care providers are finally acknowledging its benefits, many people still haven't even heard of it.

Why is it not more generally used in this country if it's so effective?

The answer is simple.

It's not going to make anyone a lot of money. Not doctors. Not pharmaceutical companies. Not the media. Nobody! And let's face it. Pharmaceutical giants don't want their customers to reverse heart damage with an easily obtainable, affordable alternative to their expensive prescriptions. Why would they? It's bad business! 

But you can find out all about this vitamin-like nutrient and what type of food to eat along with it to make it work best for you. Find out here...

Use these steps to keep heart problems at bay without drugs

Not all high cholesterol cases need drug intervention. Try these natural cholesterol busting remedies before you resort to taking cholesterol drugs that come possible side-effects like muscle ache, tenderness or weakness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation, difficulty sleeping and headaches.

I’m sure you’ll agree, if you can lower your cholesterol without risking these side-effects, all the better? I thought so. Take the steps above to lower yours naturally.

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Use these three steps to lower your cholesterol naturally
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