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Urgent health tip: To lower your blood pressure naturally, simply cut sugar out of your diet

by , 12 February 2014

By eating too many sugary foods, you're causing your blood pressure to skyrocket. Because of the link between high blood sugar and high blood pressure, controlling your diet and your sugar intake can lower your blood pressure. Here's what you need to know...

As early as 1998, researchers found a link between high blood pressure and type II diabetics and how their bodies react to insulin. The information in the journal Diabetes, showed that two thirds of their test subjects also had high blood pressure! And it’s because of all the sugar in a diabteics system. It causes insulin resistance and the more insulin you have in your blood, the higher your blood pressure
This means that your blood pressure has a direct link to how much sugar you eat; the more you eat, the more your blood pressure suffers. 
Reduce your intake of sugar and watch your blood pressure drop
If you've had your blood sugar tested recently and the results are above normal, chances are that you also have high blood pressure. 
Your doctor has probably told you that you need to control what you eat in order to lower your blood sugar, and you'd better listen. 
As little as two and a half sugary drinks a day leaves you with a 77% higher risk of having high blood pressure, and that’s not to mention the high risk of developing diabetes too!
Drinking two and a half sugary cold drinks means you’re ingesting 70g of sugar… But your recommended daily allowance is only around the 15g mark! 
Think about that for a minute… There’s a total 15g of sugar in only half a glass of your favourite soft drink. And that’s your daily allowance, without including ANY of your other meals....
Controlling your high blood pressure can be as simple as controlling your sugar intake. Eat a healthy diet low in sugars and refined carbs, which break down into sugars, and watch your high blood pressure come down.

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Urgent health tip: To lower your blood pressure naturally, simply cut sugar out of your diet
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