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Trying to improve your heart health? Here are six diets you should try…

by , 03 December 2014

There are a lot of dos and don'ts when it comes to eating healthy.

But there's a lot of conflicting information too, so choosing the diet that work for you can be difficult. In fact, sometimes so difficult that you give up and live the life you're currently living. The one that's led you down the path of poor health in the first place.

But when it comes to your heart health, you can't give up, because your heart won't be able to take it and your health will deteriorate.

That's why, today, we're sharing the top six heart healthy diets with you so you can make the decision to improve your health in the easiest possible way.

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Choose a diet that fits your lifestyle and improve your heart health

#1. The Ornish Diet
This diet not only claims to improve heart health but to reverse symptoms of heart disease as well.
Follow the diet to a “T” and you’ll notice a vast improvement in your overall health too!
#2. The TLC Diet
This diet is one that aims to naturally lower your cholesterol levels. And, within eight week, you should see at least an 8% improvement in your cholesterol.
#3. The DASH Diet
Get your blood pressure in check with this targeted diet. It’s the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet and mostly focuses on your salt, processed and refined food intake.
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#4. The Mediterranean Diet
One of the absolute best diets to improve your heart heath, lose weight, lower your diabetes risk, lower your cancer risk and protect you against joint pain.
That’s right! All of this is possible just by eating the way those in Mediterranean countries do.
#5. The Engine 2 Diet
When Rip Esselsyn found out one of the firemen on his team was ill, he knew what to do. And because he was so interested in food, nutrition and health, he was able to help his “brother” overcome illness.
That’s when he wrote a book about his plant-based diet and called it the Engine 2 Diet after the fire house that gave him the inspiration.
#6. The Vegan Diet
No longer is the vegan diet only for animal right’s activists. Now, people hoping to improve their heart health and lose weight follow the diet. And you can too!
Phase dairy and animal products from your diet and instead fill up on whole-grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit and vegetables.
There you have it!
Each of these diets can prove very useful to helping you control your heart health. And because you have all the information, you can choose one that suits your need and lifestyle too. 

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Trying to improve your heart health? Here are six diets you should try…
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