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Top Swedish cardiologists say: Your favourite exercise could harm your heart

by , 21 May 2014

Too much high intensity exercise might harm your health, says a recent study posted in the Heart Journal online. Especially if you're a man! It increases your risk of atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that prevents the top part of your heart from beating in a regular rhythm. It can cause heart failure or blood clots.

There are many studies that show how good exercise is for your heart health. But there have been few studies about the heart problem atrial fibrillation and its association with exercise. This study shows how the two are associated and the results are scary!

Keep reading to discover the best forms of exercise to prevent heart problems.

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You only need to do moderate exercise to prevent heart problems, says study 

Researchers performed a long-term study on over 100,000 men between the ages of 45 and 79. They filled in a questionnaire to begin the study which asked them what their physical activity was like in their 30s. A group of the men then went for assessment of their current physical activity and again six months later.
Men who did more than five hours of exercise a week when they were younger or took part in competitive sporting events had significantly higher risk of developing the heart problem atrial fibrillation later in life. But those who did around 60 minutes a day of moderate physical activity like walking or leisure cycling had lower incidence of risk for atrial fibrillation, says heart.bmj.com.
It seems that your risk of heart problems has to do with your consistency of exercise…

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Moderate exercise over the course of your life lowers your risk of heart problems 

Going from doing a high amount of vigorous physical exercise every week when you’re young to doing little or none when you’re increases your risk of heart problems, says everydayhealth.com.
So be like the men in the study and rather be consistent with moderate physical exercise all your life to prevent heart problems due to atrial fibrillation. 

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Top Swedish cardiologists say: Your favourite exercise could harm your heart
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