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To lower your blood pressure by 10 points, drink a cup of beetroot juice every day

by , 21 February 2014

Beetroot juice's smart compounds literally act at the source of the problem of your high blood pressure. Researchers found it to lower your blood pressure by at least 10 points. Here's why…

Many studies show great results of beetroot juice and high blood pressure. Dr Oz gives information about how the National Institutes of Health went through the data in these studies, and they all showed the same result! Drink beetroot juice and help lower your systolic (top number) blood pressure value! 
The nitrates in beetroot juice act directly on the source of your blood pressure problems
Remember the article about the affects on your body that high blood pressure has? It makes the muscle in your arteries bulk up causing the passageway for blood to flow to narrow. Well, the nitrates in beetroot juice cause your arteries to relax, so they don't constantly push against the pressurised flow of your blood. And because your arteries relax, there’s no extra muscle growth in them. So that sorts out the problem with your arteries causing high blood pressure to increase! 
These nitrates also encourage the flow of oxygen rich blood through your body. By doing that, oxygen reaches all the essential organs like the heart and brain. Both of them need a huge amount of oxygen to function properly. 
So by keeping your heart healthy, you're also lowering your risk of heart disease and the high blood pressure that comes along with it. 
A cup a day of beetroot juice is enough to decrease your blood pressure 
Simply drink a cup of 100% beetroot juice a day and look forward to keeping your heart healthy and your blood pressure at a normal level. 
And don’t worry if you notice a change in the colour of your urine and poop says Dr Oz, but that's a harmless side effect. 

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To lower your blood pressure by 10 points, drink a cup of beetroot juice every day
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