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Three tips that'll make your kids' lunch-boxes more appealing and help them prevent heart disease as grown-ups

by , 19 May 2014

Good nutrition really does start at home.

Children who grow up eating healthily are more inclined to eat healthy food when faced with a choice. After all, children like familiarity - it gives them a sense of security.

So if you feel like you're losing the battle when it comes to keeping your family healthy, use these lunch-box tips to put your kids back on track. Doing so will also help them prevent heart problems later in life…

Use these three heart-healthy lunch-box tips to keep your kids’ hearts healthy well into adulthood

Good nutrition plays an important role throughout your life. But sadly these days, poor diet choices are making more and more kids obese.

It’s our responsibility as parents to educate our children and form healthy habits. Habits that’ll hold them in good stead well into their adult-life. If we can do this, we’ll succeed in playing our part in helping them prevent heart problems later in life.

And that’s where these tips come in…

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Here’s how to make your kids’ lunch-boxes heart healthy but still appealing:

  1. Pack some variety into their lunch-boxes: Although sandwiches are quick and easy, kids get bored quickly. Try different variations of sandwiches, for example: A grilled chicken wholewheat wrap, mini pizzas made with wholegrain flour, make breadsticks using wholegrain flour sprinkled with cheese, or use a cookie cutter to shape their standard wholewheat sandwiches.  
  2. Pass on the processed meats: Hams and lunchmeat are unhealthy because they’re loaded with sodium and preservatives. Instead, make your kids’ sandwiches with leftover meats from supper. For example, fray a chicken breast and add a dollop of mayo, make a delicious prego-to-go, or use Sunday roast’s meat for sarmies, pitas and wraps.
  3. Add fruit and vegetables: Kids also get bored of the same fruit, So, send a different fruit and vegetables in their lunch-box every day. For example, try a carrot, grapes, quartered orange, an apple and, sometimes, even fruit salad.

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Help your kids prevent heart disease later in life by imparting these healthy habits now

Remember, it’s not just about keeping them healthy in their childhood. Instilling healthy habits when they’re young goes a long way to preventing heart disease and keeping them healthy well into their golden years…   

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Three tips that'll make your kids' lunch-boxes more appealing and help them prevent heart disease as grown-ups
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