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Three tips for lower cholesterol numbers and a cleaner bill of health

by , 12 January 2018
Three tips for lower cholesterol numbers and a cleaner bill of health
Statistics show that 28% of adults over age 40 take lipid-lowering statin drugs to keep their cholesterol levels from reaching the danger zone.

If this includes you, you may think that your prescription gives you the license to eat anything and everything you want. But it doesn't - statin drugs don't undo any cholesterol overload regardless of what you eat!

On that note, we're sharing three diet tips for getting your cholesterol back in check that will improve your overall health simultaneously.

Three food rules to follow if you’re on cholesterol-lowering drugs

#1: Don’t skip breakfast!
Breakfast doesn’t only give you the energy you need to seize the day – it also keeps heart problems at bay. Research has tied skipping the morning meal to elevated cholesterol levels. One study by Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from heart disease. One egg a day is fine, say Finnish researchers who found no association between one egg a day and heightened risk of heart disease. Just make sure you avoid greasy fare like sausage and bacon, and keep high-salt processed meats to a minimum.


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#2: Cut back on carbohydrates
Replacing fats in your diet with refined carbs and sugar can increase your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and high triglycerides. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that those who followed a high-carb diet that included saturated fat dropped nearly twice as much weight as those who followed a low-fat, calorie-restricted diet, while maintaining healthy cholesterol readings.
#3: Consider the Mediterranean diet
Adopting an overall healthy eating plan rather than adding or subtracting single foods from your diet will make a dent in your cholesterol. One diet that’s been shown to help your heart is the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, fish, nuts and beans. A body of research has tied this diet to lower blood lipids. One particular study seen in the New England Journal of Medicine found that it can even slash your risk of heart disease by 30%!
There you have it – our top three diet tips to keep your cholesterol under control.

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Three tips for lower cholesterol numbers and a cleaner bill of health
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