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Three crucial facts you need to know about lowering your cholesterol

by , 20 May 2014

Don't live your life thinking your health is just fine because you don't suffer from any debilitating symptoms. You'll be fine until one day until WHAM! - something goes wrong and it's too late to change.

Imagine there was a way to protect your heart and prevent one of the most common diseases from robbing you of your health.

Don't imagine, because it's easy to do.

And it's got to do with keeping your cholesterol in check.

Have your cholesterol checked every year to ensure it's within normal levels. And for the rest of the year, eat these three types of foods to lower your cholesterol naturally and easily…

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Change your diet to lower your cholesterol with very little effort

1.      Eat more fruit and vegetables: Not only do fresh fruit and veggies provide you with the vitamins and minerals your body need to run efficiently, they contain high levels of antioxidants too, says everydayhealth.com. These help your body fight LDL cholesterol, the bad type that builds up in your arteries and harms your health. They’re full of fibre too, another essential to fight cholesterol build up. The soluble fibre you eat the less your gut absorbs cholesterol. So be sure to eat your nine servings of fruit and vegetables every day.
2.      Know the difference between good fats and bad: Steer clear of trans fats and the types of fats in baked goods, cakes and biscuits. These have the potential to increase your LDL cholesterol. Instead, eat foods full of healthy fats like nuts, avos, olive oils and coconut oils.
3.      Increase your antioxidant and fibre intake even more: Legumes are great for your health. They contain high antioxidant properties and increase your dietary fibre too.
It’s that easy to decrease your risk of heart disease. Lower your cholesterol using these three diet tips.
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Three crucial facts you need to know about lowering your cholesterol
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