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This natural nutrient is good for your heart and your love life!

by , 08 April 2019
This natural nutrient is good for your heart and your love life!
If you have high blood pressure or circulation issues, you'll want to know about a natural nutrient found in meat, fish, poultry and dairy products that could help your heart AND your love life.  

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This natural nutrient turns into a useful gas in the body

It's called arginine, and it's produced by nearly every cell in the body. 

It helps with wound healing, kidney function, regulating the immune system, hormone function and it dilates and relaxes the arteries. 

But it's been mainly studied for its ability to turn into Nitric Oxide (NO) which helps blood vessels relax and dilate. This improves circulation and could help with angina, clogged arteries, and high blood pressure


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And, because it dilates and relaxes blood vessels, and improved blood flow, it's been shown to boost and maintain erections. 

For this kind of action, you would need to take arginine is supplement form. It has been shown to be safe, even at high doses. But 
if you have cancer or any form of herpes infection, you should consult your doctor before supplementing with arginine.

Arginine is most effective when it's part of a formula containing supporting nutrient. For improved erections, Argi-Vive Plus has been the solution thousands of men across South Africa have turned to. Find out here how to receive your Argi-Vive discreetly by courier here...

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Gingko biloba is also a major aid in improving blood flow, especially through small arteries like the ones in the penis. 

The best thing about these natural nutrients is that they work with your body for long term results.

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This natural nutrient is good for your heart and your love life!
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