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This may be the most misleading information circulating the health industry - ever!

by , 06 June 2013

It could also be one the most dangerous myths around because it puts millions of older people at risk.

The truth is, if you reduce your sodium intake, you won't protect your heart...

You won’t even lower your blood pressure...

In fact, if you avoid sodium completely, your heart will suffer. And, you’ll be at serious risk.

Recently, the Institute of Medicine put together a panel to review sodium research. Here’s what they found…

There is no evidence you should keep your sodium intake below 1,500mg per day as previously recommended for patients with high blood pressure.

In fact, the American Heart Association currently recommends that level for everyone. It translates to just half a teaspoon of salt.

The research panel also found no evidence anyone should limit sodium intake to less than 2,300mg per day.

But most importantly, daily intake below this mark can actually create serious health problems for some people.

That's right, consistently low sodium levels can contribute to insulin resistance and boost triglycerides.

And, it can actually INCREASE risk of heart disease, liver disease, and type II diabetes.

This is more serious for older people. They often end up with symptoms of hyponatraemia — low blood levels of sodium.

The worst is, doctors often dismiss those symptoms because they’re conditions the associate with ageing: Fatigue, confusion and poor balance.

So don't stop sprinkling salt on your food. Instead, avoid processed, packaged and restaurant food - which are laden with excess salt.

Thousands of agile, sharp-witted, and carefree men and women are enjoying life well into their 90s and beyond!

And now you can be one of them too!

Imagine getting a prescription from your doctor and instead of heading to your local pharmacy, you drop by a special restaurant and get it filled by the chef who prepares a delicious meal made especially for you! This is a reality in China!

This mouth-watering meal is made of specially selected ingredients designed to have a potent, healing effect to wipe out the exact medical condition the doctor is treating you for.

Unlike in the West where the focus has been on developing drugs and complicated surgeries, Eastern doctors have always studied the drug-like medicinal effects of food instead. There, doctors categorise and prescribe food much like a Western doctor will prescribe drugs!

The results aren't as immediate as with drugs, but they are incredibly powerful, and very long-lasting. Find out more here...

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This may be the most misleading information circulating the health industry - ever!
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