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This is why you shouldn't be taking statin drugs unless it's absolutely necessary!

by , 26 June 2015

One in four people over the age of 45 now take cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins. Heart disease patients take these drugs to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

However, renowned physician and author Dr Mercola says that the benefits of statins are questionable. In addition to this, he says they come with an avalanche of potential side effects.

New research has backed up Dr Mercola's argument by revealing why a staggering number of statin users have stopped taking the drugs entirely. Keeping reading for the inside scoop…

Half of the patients in a new study quit using statin drugs due to severe side effects

A new study that included over 100,000 people who had been using statins from 2000 to 2008 found that 17% of patients reported side effects. They included muscle pain, nausea, and liver and nervous system problems.
Researchers noted that half of the patients in the study quit taking them at least temporarily. Whoa, that’s a lot of people to give up a drug that’s said to promote heart health!
Out of the people who reported side effects, two-thirds gave up statins for good.
Researchers reported that many of the reported side effects are “tolerable”, or specific to only one statin. In saying this, they suggest that you can remain on the drugs or switch to a different statin if problems arise.
However, they say the truth is that many statin side effects are rather serious…

How quickly you’d notice side effects from statins

Researchers say that statins usually don’t raise any immediate side effects. 
They’re effective at instantly lowering your cholesterol by 50 points or more, yes, but researchers also note that this might not actually have any impact on your heart disease risk…
So, at first, statins make it appear as though they’re benefitting your health. But later on, researchers say you may develop a number of side effects as a result of taking them. So the question is: Does the temporary benefit outweigh the long-term potential health problems?
To answer that for yourself, you’ll first need to learn about the side effects that statins can bring about…
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Diabetes, fatal kidney damage and other possible side effects of statins

Researchers say that we’re witnessing a massive ongoing “live” experiment with well over 30 million people now taking statins. People who are putting their health on the line for drugs that offer little in the way of heart protection…
Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they’d be requiring additional warning labels for statin drugs. Among them are warnings that statin may increase your risk of the following:
Type 2 diabetes
Kidney damage
Liver damage
Muscle weakness
However, researchers say that diabetes and kidney damage are the two biggest risks at hand.
Statins have proved to increase your risk of diabetes via a number of mechanisms. The most important one being that they increase insulin resistance. This can be very harmful to your health.
Increased insulin resistance contributes to chronic inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the hallmark of most diseases, including heart disease. And yes, that’s ironic, because the primary reason for taking a cholesterol-reducing drug is to prevent heart disease in the first place…
Inflammation can also prevent belly fat, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, thyroid disruption, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
Earlier this year, new research also found that taking high doses of statins increases your risk of acute kidney failure by 34%. Some experts are now urging that people on statins have an assessment of their kidney risks.

Are you taking statins for no good reason?

Researchers say that majority of those who are prescribed to statins don’t actually need them.
Dr Mercola reckons that the only people who might benefit from statins are those born with a genetic defect called familial hypercholesterolemia (a disorder caused by high cholesterol). He explains that people with this condition can benefit from taking the drug as it’ll help normalise cholesterol. 
If you’re currently using statins and are worried about the excessive side effects, I recommend you consult your doctor. He’ll be able to help you optimise your heart health naturally; without the use of dangerous drugs.

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This is why you shouldn't be taking statin drugs unless it's absolutely necessary!
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