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This fruit could widen your blood vessels by as much as 53%...

by , 16 June 2020
This fruit could widen your blood vessels by as much as 53%...
There's a common fruit in your fridge right now that could help you prevent stroke and heart attacks.

It's defintely something you should add more of to your food every day - and you'll want to when I tell you what it is in a moment - it's delicious in almost every meal!

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This surprising fruit is super powerful for your heart health!   

The fruit I'm talking about is a tomato. 

You may be surprised to learn this bright red 'veggie' is actually considered a fruit because it has seeds!

But however you want to think of it - it's delicious in lasagne, in meat balls, on pizza, in salads, curries and just about every other dish!

The thing that makes it so powerful is it contains a nutrient called lycopene.

You've probably heard of lycopene for prostate health. 

But that's just the beginning. Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently found that the lycopene in tomatoes is so potent that it can significantly improve functioning of the vascular system in people who already have heart disease

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Study shows lycopene widens blood vessels by as much as 53%... 

Participants in the study had heart disease and were already taking heart drugs, including statins, but their blood vessels were still not working normally. 

And that's very dangerous. Because blood vessel constriction is a major factor in strokes...and heart attacks. 

The British researchers discovered that just 7mg of lycopene could widen the blood vessels of those in the study. And not by an insignificant amount either, but by an amazing 53%! 

So how can you get more lycopene into your diet?

The lycopene in tomatoes becomes even more potent, and easier for your body to use, when it's heated and added to a little bit of oil (a healthy oil like olive oil)! 

Use home-made tomato sauce in your cooking or have a glass of tomato juice. 

And if you want to make that lycopene even more powerful, use those tomatoes in a recipe with olive oil to supercharge it! 

Tomatoes are also good for blood pressure... 

In Israel, researchers found that those who took a daily tomato extract dose were able to drop their top blood pressure number -- the systolic one -- by 10 points, and lower the bottom diastolic number by 4 points. 

You can also take lycopene supplements which you will find in a good health shop.

That's a whole lot of help for your heart health with no side-effects!

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This fruit could widen your blood vessels by as much as 53%...
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