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This delicious superfood could transform your heart health... And more...

by , 24 April 2013

Speaking of superfoods, this delicious fruit is on its way to becoming the next superfood superstar... And this is what you should know about it right now.

A recent study done on mice with elevated cholesterol levels showed that pomegranate juice slowed the progression of atherosclerosis by at least 30%.  Read more here...
In a different study, pomegranate juice helped increase nitric oxide production in heart cells by 50%. Nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax - easing blood flow. And, as a regular Health Bytes reader you already know this effect isn’t just good for your heart...

It could also transform your sex life. Increased blood flow is a prerequisite for getting and maintaining erections.
But back to the cardiovascular system...
Other tests performed in both laboratory mice, and in cultured human coronary artery endothelial cells, showed that this powerful antioxidant - the juice from the pomegranate - can offer proven benefits to the cardiovascular system.
I don't think there's a tastier way to get these massive benefits, do you?

Find out how this superfood and others - you'd least expect - can transform your health today...

Studies reveal: If you lead a busy lifestyle your risk of getting heart disease is up to 80% higher! Your risk of dying younger also increases by 40%

Discover how Superfoods can help you be healthier by decreasing your risk of heart disease and other life-threatening diseases without drastically changing your lifestyle

Email carla@fsp.co.za with Superfoods in the subject line, to receive details of the up-coming book - Superfoods for The New Healthy You – and discover how Superfoods can help you be healthier.

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This delicious superfood could transform your heart health... And more...
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