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This cholesterol test could save you from having a heart attack!

by , 07 February 2018
This cholesterol test could save you from having a heart attack!
Approximately 50% of people who have heart attacks have perfectly health cholesterol levels. This is something that has long puzzled doctors all around the world. Up until now, at least...

Doctors are finally starting to understand how, for example, patients whose total cholesterol was just about 145 - that's well below the 200 threshold - have suffered heart attacks. Keep reading to learn more.

Doctors uncover the cholesterol test that can help prevent a heart attack

All along, we’ve been obsessed with our total cholesterol numbers, but as it turns out, the size of those cholesterol particles is just as important when it comes to heart attack risk.
Excess LDL – that’s the bad type – cholesterol ends up getting deposited in arterial walls and forming plaque, which causes arteries to harden and blood pressure to elevate. In the long term, this leads to heart attacks. That being said, not all LDL – the good type – cholesterol particles are equally likely to do such damage.


According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the average South

African has a heart age eight years older than the real age


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If the particles are very small, they can easily pierce the arterial lining and deposit plaque. But if they’re large, they bounce off like beach balls and are therefore harmless. So, if you’re concerned about your heart attack risk, make sure you get both your cholesterol numbers and particle size tested if you’re concerned about your heart attack risk.

What you need to know before getting tested for cholesterol particle size

  • Although you’ve probably never heard about these tests, they’ve actually been available clinically since the mid-1990s and have become widely available in the past five years. They’re generally covered by medical aid.
  • The tests are graded in different ways. However, most of them simply tell you if your cholesterol particle size is small, medium or large.
  • If your doctor tells you your particles are small, you can reverse this with medication, lifestyle changes or a combination of both. The healthier you eat and more regularly you exercise, the more your LDL particles will resemble those bouncy beach balls.
For more information on these tests, consult your doctor.

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This cholesterol test could save you from having a heart attack!
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