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This blood test could stop a looming heart attack and save your life!

by , 21 September 2014

Researchers at the Ottawa Heart Institute recently discovered a specific protein in patients having a heart attack. Asking your doctor to check for this protein could save your life!

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An important marker for people with heart disorders

If you have a heart disorder or chronic heart disease, it may be beneficial to ask your doctor to test your blood for a protein called PCSK9.

The researchers found this protein present in the blood of coronary heart disease patients having an acute heart attack. But, in the study, patients with a history of heart attack and patients with coronary heart disease didn’t have elevated levels of this protein. It’s possible then that the protein is highest just before a heart attack or during and straight after a heart attack.

This same protein is known to increase levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood. It hampers the liver’s ability to remove and destroy LDL cholesterol that causes heart attacks.

Of course pharmaceutical companies are hard at work developing a drug to block this protein. But in the meantime, why not ask your doctor to test for PCSK9 levels in your blood. It may save your life!

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How to lower your cholesterol levels naturally

There are ways to naturally lower your LDL cholesterol level. This may go a long way in preventing a heart attack without the adverse side effects associated with drugs. Niacin, calcium and vitamin D could help you keep your bad cholesterol in check. And, watching your diet and exercise are both important too. Read more about how to lower your cholesterol levels here…

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This blood test could stop a looming heart attack and save your life!
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