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This ancient tea could help you shed kilos AND reverse heart disease…

by , 27 November 2013

For centuries native tribes of the Amazon have thrived in one of the harshest environments on Earth. They've lived to ripe old ages in the jungles that would kill most of us in just days. And, not surprisingly, they spend their golden years free of the epidemic modern killers we know, including obesity, diabetes and heart diseases and disorders.

Chinese researchers have just recently uncovered these tribes' best-kept longevity wellness secrets…

The report by these leading university researchers shows they found a simple staple tea drunk by these indigenous tribes may be powerful enough to reverse heart disease. That's right, not just prevent heart damage - but reverse it!

In an astounding rat study, these scientists found that Yerba Mate tea, cultivated by the Guarani and Tupi tribes of South America, acts as a powerful antioxidant drink. This disease-fighting tea could help steer away the most common risk of heart disease.

Yerbe Mate helps lower cholesterol…

In the study, the researchers divided rats with high cholesterol into two groups. The first one received a standard diet and the second group took Yerbe Mate supplements. The Yerba Mate tea cleared the clogged arteries of the rats. Their triglycerides and total cholesterol levels dropped and their levels of ‘good’ cholesterol increased.

Plus, the rats also lost weight!

Imagine clearing away traces of atherosclerosis and heart disease damage and losing weight! And did you know Yerba Mate tea could even help keep your bones strong as you age.

And the added bonus is you can get all these benefits in a delicious tea! 

Aqueous Extract of Yerba Mate Tea Lowers Atherosclerotic Risk Factors in a Rat Hyperlipidemia Model: (onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

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This ancient tea could help you shed kilos AND reverse heart disease…
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