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These three foods send your cholesterol levels soaring!

by , 16 May 2014

You need to pay close attention to your cholesterol levels as this has a huge impact on your heart health. But you might not know what's causing your levels to skyrocket, even when you've cut butter and unhealthy oils from your diet.

If you, no matter how hard you try, can't seem to lower your cholesterol, it might be because of other cholesterol-containing foods you aren't aware of!

Here are three foods you need to avoid if you suffer from high cholesterol.

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Eliminate these foods from your diet to naturally lower your cholesterol 

#1. Oysters: Oysters aren’t unhealthy! In fact, they contain a high concentration of zinc, an essential mineral for many important processes in your body. But they’re high in cholesterol too. Rather eat fatty fish that’s good for you like wild salmon, tuna and mackerel.
#2. Duck: If you think eating duck is healthier than eating beef or pork, you’re mistaken. This because it’s actually a fatty meat and it contains a high cholesterol level. Eat lean chicken breasts instead to still get your daily intake of protein without the added fat.
#3. Ice cream: This delicious treat is on the list of high cholesterol foods for a reason, says healthcentral.com. After all, the basis of ice cream is dairy – an animal product and that’s where cholesterol comes from. If you must eat ice cream, eat a low-fat version or double churned ones that have far less fat in them.
While these are the less common forms of cholesterol containing foods, make sure you know which others you should avoid in your attempt to naturally lower your cholesterol.
Bacon, fast food, cream cheese, caviar, egg yolk and shrimp are all high cholesterol foods.
Reduce your intake of all these foods to keep your cholesterol levels down and your heart health in top shape.
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These three foods send your cholesterol levels soaring!
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