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These four essential herbs should be on your kitchen shelf all year round

by , 19 June 2014

Have you ever taken a teaspoon to taste your meal but find that there's “just something missing”? And then you've grabbed the big salt shaker off the shelf and doubled the amount of salt you put in the pot in the first place?

Then you've tasted the dish again and it's a little better, but you can't figure out what's missing…

What you're really doing is setting yourself up for heart problems.

This because you're loading your food with salt to improve the flavour, which it may do, but it's not good for your health.

But did you know there are herbs you can use instead of salt that actually IMPROVE your heart health and enhance the flavour of your food at the same time.

That's right: Read on to discover the four herbs you should have on your kitchen shelf - herbs you should always grab before you reach for the salt…

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Keep heart problems at bay with herbs 

#1. Thyme: This tasty herb helps control blood pressure and your heart beat. And it’s a herb who’s flavour withstands long cooking times. So use in slow cooking dishes like roasts and casseroles.
#2. Oregano: It’s a great herb that helps lower your cholesterol levels and thus prevents clogged arteries and related heart problems. Livestrong.com says its best used in Italian, Mexican and dishes requiring roasting.
#3. Sage: You can use sage in cooking to lower your cholesterol. Sage is a versatile herb that goes well with vegetables and meat. So try adding it to all your favourite recipes.
#4. Rosemary: It helps control your heart rate and blood pressure and can help in the treatment of chronic heart problems too. Add this Mediterranean herb to just about any dish you like.
There you have it. Ditch the salt and use these tasty herbs to flavour your food instead. 

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These four essential herbs should be on your kitchen shelf all year round
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