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There's one thing people that eat a vegan diet have that you probably don't…

by , 03 December 2014

When you think of a vegan, you might scoff and laugh at the fact they only eat foods that aren't “alive” anymore. And this includes only eating fruit and vegetables that have come off the tree already!

But this is no longer the case and veganism has evolved considerably in the last few years!

Now, it simply means you eat only natural, healthy foods and exclude dairy and all animal products from your diet.

But researchers who looked into this way of eating have found that vegans are some of the healthiest people around. And they have a considerably great record of heart health.

That's why experts have put the Vegan diet on par at the number five spot with the Engine 2 diet for heart health.

So, how about you give the vegan way a try these holidays to reap the benefits to your heart health?

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Eat only natural foods for a few weeks to improve your heart health

While we’re not saying your heart health is in shambles. We’re simply saying it’s not as good as someone who follows a vegan-style diet.
It’s because you probably eat dairy and animal products, which are laden with saturated fat, salt and sugar.
But if you’re worried about going hungry on a vegan diet, don’t! The diet contains healthy servings of whole grains, fibre, plant-based protein and fats from nuts and seeds.
This means you can still eat cakes, cookies and cupcakes as long as you make them with a milk alternative and use plant-based substitutes for eggs and butter.
You’ll be filling yourself up on all sorts of tasty foods. Things like tofu, legumes, peanut butter and chickpeas will become a staple in your diet.
And you’ll feel better for it!
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Say hello to Mother Nature and her health-powering foods
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Then you need to read this...

You’ll lose weight and maintain your heart health by going vegan

By cutting out saturated fat, salt and heaps of sugar, your heart health will improve dramatically. And experts says it’s hard not to lose weight when you’re on a vegan diet.
This because the foods you eat contain far fewer calories than you usually do even though they fill you up!
If you aim to eat the daily-recommended number of calories, you’ll notice it seems like a lot of food, which is great for your brain! It’ll help curb cravings and keep you full without the added calories.
There’s another benefit to going vegan too; it can lower your diabetes risk as well.
As you can see, it’s an overall health improvement and not just for your heart health.
So, what are the risks?

Experts say the vegan diet is a safe option for anyone to follow

Because you’re eating natural foods, experts say going vegan can be an option for just about anyone.
The only time you need to worry is if you already suffer from a chronic ailment or illness. In that case, experts recommend you simply check in with your doctor about what he thinks about you following this type of diet.
How about you give the vegan way a try to improve your overall health? You don’t even have to go all in from the very beginning. Just change a few habits each week until your diet has had a complete turnaround!
And come January, you’ll be grateful you did!

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There's one thing people that eat a vegan diet have that you probably don't…
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