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The way you start your day has a HUGE impact on your cholesterol levels!

by , 10 June 2014

Did you know: Making the right choices in the morning before you leave for work can help you to naturally lower your cholesterol!

It starts with whether you have breakfast or not! And it also depends on what breakfast you choose to eat.

Keep reading to discover what you can do at the start of every day to help you naturally lower your cholesterol levels with very little effort!

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Eat a healthy breakfast to lower your cholesterol 

If you rush out the door every morning without having a decent breakfast it could be ruining your health.
By the time you get to work you’re starving. That’s if you haven’t stopped in at a take-away joint to grab a coffee and a greasy breakfast on your way.
So the first thing you do is have a cup of coffee and you grab a doughnut. And by 10am you’re starving again and you’re not only looking to satisfy your hunger, you’re looking to satisfy that insatiable craving for sugar and fatty foods.
So where did you go wrong?
You didn’t have a proper breakfast, of course.
WebMD says you should have a whole-grain, fibre rich breakfast to not only keep you full and satisfied through the morning, but help prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol in the gut.
And if you’re hungry mid-morning, grab these cholesterol busting snacks…
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Choose the right snacks to lower your cholesterol 

Instead of the doughnut or other fatty snack, pack some healthy snacks into your bag before you rush out the door in the morning. Snack on pistachio nuts or whole-wheat bread dipped in olive oil to keep your cravings under control while they lower your cholesterol and keep you satisfied too.
And that’s how you should start your day, every day. Have a healthy breakfast and pack your meals and snacks for the rest of the day. Not only will your waistline love the change, so will your heart. 

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The way you start your day has a HUGE impact on your cholesterol levels!
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