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The truth revealed: Don't avoid dairy - it's great for your heart health

by , 29 October 2014

A lot of people have given up eating dairy because they think it's bad for them.

Health fanatics say your system doesn't tolerate dairy well because it was never part of your ancestor's diet.

But experts form Monash University in Asia disagree.

They say if you cut dairy out of your diet, it could have a serious effect on your heart health.

And they have proof…

Study of Taiwanese shows the important role dairy plays in your heart health

Researchers from Monash University collected data from almost 4,000 Taiwanese people. They took information about their diet and did tests to determine their weight, BMIs and blood pressure.
They wanted to find out what the effects dairy consumption had on heart and stroke risk. And Taiwan seemed like the best place to start for two reasons:
1.    Dairy intake is relatively new in the Asian community; and
2.    The leading cause of death in Taiwan is heart disease.
What they found was those who ate a small amount of dairy every day had lower heart and stroke risk! In fact, it was those who ate five portions of dairy over the course of seven days that had the lowest risk.
They made sure to find out what it would do to your health if you didn’t eat any dairy. It was clear that participants who had no dairy in their diet had higher blood pressure, were carrying more weight and had higher BMIs.
But don’t worry if you can’t think of anything worse than drinking a glass of milk a day. All you need is a small amount in any form – and it’s also ok to get it from foods like cheese or yoghurt.
Lead author of the study, Professor Wahlqvist, says even people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy dairy’s benefits. This because it’s such a small amount you need to consume.
You see, no matter what, your heart health can benefit from dairy.
But it’s not only Monash that’s making these claims. Recent research delivered at a health conference in France confirms…
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Drinking a glass of milk is for your heart health

Dr Soedamah-Muthu from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands and her team of researchers collected data from nine other studies involving more than 57,000 participants.
There was clear evidence that as your intake of low-fat dairy increases, so the risk of high blood pressure and other heart disease decreases.
And while there’s also evidence to suggest dairy intake has positive effects on weight management and cholesterol levels, researchers said they’d need to do more research.
But they were happy with the results and said it’ll have a great impact on overall public health. This because millions of people around the world not only think dairy is bad for them, there are millions of people suffering from heart disease, which is a preventable illness!
So, because dairy is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your nutrients intake, it could have a significant effect on decreasing the rate of heart disease cases across the world.
There’s just one factor you need to consider before you glug down a bottle of milk every day…
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Go for organic dairy products to protect your overall health

The reason you might be weary of eating dairy every day is because of the fat, sodium and hormones it may contain.
But that’s why it’s essential to use organic dairy products over commercial ones.
Dr Sinatra, a cardiologist in the US, says even people in Mediterranean countries haven’t completely removed dairy from their diets. And you know they have the best rate of heart health in the world.
Bottom line: Consume small amounts of dairy every day to reap the nutrition benefits and boost your heart health 

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The truth revealed: Don't avoid dairy - it's great for your heart health
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