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The simplest way to help slow heart disease

by , 04 June 2013

“An estimated 17 million people die of cardiovascular disease (CVDs), particularly heart attacks and strokes every year,” says the World Health Organisation. But heart disease need not be deadly. Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing reveals a simple way to help you reduce your risk of heart disease…

You don’t have to wait for a heart attack to strike before you take better care of your heart, especially when reducing your risk is simple as drinking juice.

But not just any juice…

Pomegranate juice.

Help slow heart disease with pomegranate juice

“One recent study on mice with elevated cholesterol levels showed that pomegranate juice slowed the progression of atherosclerosis by at least 30%,” says Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing.

“In another study, pomegranate juice helped increase nitric oxide production in heart cells by 50%,” adds Dr Wright. That’s because nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax, easing blood flow.

Although the tests were performed in both laboratory mice and in cultured human coronary artery endothelial cells, results showed that the juice from the seeded fruit can offer proven benefits.

This is significant because this effect isn’t just good for your heart, if you’re a man, it may also be good for your sex life. And that’s because “increased blood flow is a prerequisite for men when it comes to getting and maintaining erections,’ says Dr Wright.

While pomegranates may not be the simplest fruit to eat, thanks to their many seeds, the good news is these studies used pomegranate juice which is available in your local health food stores and in your local supermarket.

So take this information to heart and start drinking pomegranate juice today.

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The simplest way to help slow heart disease
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